Vibration Absorbers - Brass

Vibration Absorber - Brass

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  • Eleven models available to fit copper tubing from 1/4 through 1-5/8 inches O.D.
  • Each unit pressure and vacuum tested, cleaned, dehydrated and sealed in plastic film
  • C-UL-US Approved

Packless model VAF vibration absorbers are designed for installation in the suction and discharge lines of air conditioning and refrigeration systems to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping.

Packless VAF's are constructed of deep pitch corrugated tubing for increased flexibility and vibration absorption, covered by high tensile wire braid for superior strength. Tubing and braid are reinforced by ferrules at each end, and connected to female copper tube ends by high temperature braze alloys. The units are designed for making sweat connections to refrigerant piping. Eleven models are available to fit copper tubing sizes from 1/4 inch through 1-5/8 inches O.D.

Each VAF is pressure tested then carefully vacuum tested using a highly sensitive helium mass spectrometer leak detection device. Units are cleaned, dehydrated and sealed in plastic film after final inspection to maintain cleanliness and dryness prior to installation. VAF's are available either in bulk or individually boxed.

Packless VAF's are recognized under the component programs of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc., (C-UL-US) for application on both suction and discharge lines.

Packless vibration absorbers are compatible with the following refrigerants:

R12 R22 R23 R125 R134A R401A
R401B R402A R402B R404A R407A R407B
R407C R408A R409A R410A R410B R412A
R502 R507 R508 R509    

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